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Emily Haines on Lou Reed

Sé que el tema de este post estará un poco atrasado pero aún merece la pena escribirlo. La muerte de Lou Reed fue algo que generó mucho ruido en todas las redes sociales. Artistas publicaron su pésame en Facebook. En Twitter la noticia fluyó en poco tiempo. Supongo que fue difícil que la gente no se enterara de el desafortunado evento de hace unos días.

Emily Haines, cantante de Metric, no hizo totalmente públicas sus condolencias. Mientras que disqueras publicaban fotos del ex-cantante de The Velvet Underground, Haines tuvo un toque más cercano. Fue solamente a través de un mail que se difundió que rindió homenaje a su cercano amigo. El mail fue recibido por aquellos que se registraron en su página y que con relativa frecuencia reciben crónicas de la banda acompasadas comúnmente de fotografías.

Aquí, un copy/paste  del mail:

Sha La La, Man

When Lou Reed asked me, “Emily Haines, who would you rather be, the Beatles or the Rolling Stones,” I shot back, “The Velvet Underground.” Quick thinking, sure, but also the truth. In our song “Gimme Sympathy,” we lament the fact that none of us living today are likely to achieve the stature or saturation the signature acts of that era enjoyed. But for me none of that music comes close to the contribution Lou Reed has made to the world. It’s immeasurable. Famously cranky, his integrity is unrivaled. He irritated everyone with difficult music. He refused to spend his life re-writing “Walk on the Wild Side,” effectively sparing himself a lifetime of boring conversations with fools. Anyone who couldn’t see that his tough exterior was an essential shield for the man who gave us “Pale Blue Eyes,” with all its intimacy and relatable sadness, has missed the point of his life completely.

I’m not one to proclaim fated encounters, but it seems as though everyone I know who had the power to bring Lou and me together used it to make it happen. A strange combination of forces channeled Hal Willner through Kevin Drew through Kevin Hearn through Neil Young’s “A Man Needs a Maid” and that was that. When we finally did meet, it was obvious and easy, like an idea that’s been floating around for years and then one day emerges effortlessly, fully formed. Our connection was free of the fawning fandom and nauseating idolatry that so often characterizes such show biz interactions between a young woman and an older man. Sigue leyendo


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